Eleanor Lansing Purlieu: "Oh, Hello dear. I'm terribly sorry you have to see me and our headquarters like this. I'm Eleanor Lansing Purlieu.

Alistair: "Eleanor, dear, what happended? The Manor is a mess, and you look awful. Who did this? Who's responsible?"

Eleanor: "It's fine, Alistair. Lets worry about that later. I'm just happy we have our new recruit here to help set things right!"

Hint: Remember to use the Time Machine to access new locations. Time Manor is now unlocked.

  • Use the Time Machine to reach Time Manor.
  • Find 12 hidden objects at Time Manor.

Eleanor: "Splendid work! Glad to have you in the Time Society. We'll get to the bottom of these, uh, disturbances soon. Tata!"

Alistair: "This keeps getting stranger. I think Eleanor might know more than she's letting on. But why would she keep things from us?" Reward: 50 Silver