(Note that this may only work in Playdom GoT, not on Facebook, haven't tried it there)

In GoT you need reputation to unlock new scenes. Getting that reputation is a tedious and time consuming task. Also, many people tend to fill their gardens with reputation raising items, making them look ugly and boring.

By chance and a lot of experimenting I stumbled upon a way to raise your reputation in no time to any amount you like. Here are the steps:

1. Have 5 gold.

2. Build as much buildings or artefacts as you can, that consume time before being built.

3. Sell at least one building site, but have at least one left.

4. Take your highest rep building in storage. Repeat putting it in the garden and back to storage as often as you like. Note how your "future" reputation rises with every repetition (mouseover on reputation).

5. When you have reached the amount of rep you like, push the crown button in the upper right corner and use the 5 gold to finish the building.

6. Watch the scenes you were not able to play until now being unlocked. ;)

A last warning:

Talking about this exploit on the Playdom forums or in the guild feeds may get you banned!

Also, sometimes when using the exploit, the browser crashes, leaving you with just a bit or no reputation gain at all.

AND: Upgraded buildings and wonders that are in storage while doing this exploit get DOWNGRADED to ONE!!!