Giza Riverfront:Edit


Alistair Wells: "How rude of me! I'm Alistair Wells, and I'll be mentoring your induction into the Time Society. But we're in Giza for a different matter."

Alistair Wells: "The distruption here is only the latest in a series of strange happenings across time. Let's get this mess sorted and find what's to blame."

Alistair Wells: "Excellent Work! You're quickly proving yourself to be a real asset to the Society."

Alistair Wells: " Hmmmmm, some of these displaced objects look quite familiar. Let's return home and investigate further."

Time Manor:Edit

Time Manor

Pyramid Shadows:Edit

Unlocks At:

220 reputation.

Egyptian Tomb Paradox:Edit

Unlocks At:

530 Reputation.

Hourglass Study:Edit

Unlocks At:

1,000 Reputation

Pyramid Steps{premium}:Edit

Unlocks At:

9 Gold ( buy from in game store )